Ma Zhuang

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Assistant Professor

Schoolof Accountancy

 Room 214, 2/F

 Lixing Building

 1158 No.2 Avenue

 Hangzhou, China

 Tel: +86 13840800910



 Ph.D., Dalian University of Technology (2012-2017)

 MA, Dalian University of Technology (2009-2012)

 BBA, Bohai University (2005-2009)

Visiting Scholars:

 University of Ottawa (2018-2019)

Research Interests

Corporate Governance

Corporate Finance

Teaching Areas

Accounting Information System

Financial Data Analysis

Employment History

Hangzhou Dianzi University (2017.04. – present)


  1. Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. LQ19G020012)

  2. Humanity and Social Science Research Youth Foundation of the Ministry of Education of China (Grant No. 19YJC630122)

  3. Zhejiang Provincial Social Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 19NDJC001Z)

Publications& working papers

MA Zhuang, LI Yanxi, WANG Yun, ZENG Weiqiang. Media Coverage, Unexplained Audit Fees and the Company’s Earnings Management. Management Review,2018, 30(04),219-234. (in Chinese)

MA Zhuang. Government Intervention and corporate earnings management perspective from the financial constraints. Finance and Accounting Monthly,2018, (04),27-34.(in Chinese)

MA Zhuang, LI Yanxi, ZENG Weiqiang, WANG Yun. Is industrial policy enhancing capital allocation efficiency or disrupting market fairness?. Science Research Management,2016,(10):79-92. (in Chinese)

MA Zhuang, LI Yanxi, ZENG Weiqiang. The Effect of External Environmental Factors on the Technological Efficiency of Manufacturing Enterprises. The Journal of Quantitative Economics,2013,(02): 69-79. (in Chinese)

Li Yanxi, Zeng Weiqiang, Ma Zhuang, Chen Kejing. External Governance Environment, Ownership and Efficiency of Listed Companies Investment. Nankai Business Review, 2015,(01),25-36. (in Chinese)

ZENG Weiqiang, LI Yanxi, ZHANG Tingting, MA Zhuang. Industry Competition Is External Governance Mechanism or External Incentives? Based on Empirical Evidence of Chinese Listed Companies Earnings Management. Nankai Business Review, 2016, (04),75-86. (in Chinese)  

WANG Yun, LI Yanxi, SONG Jinbo, MA Zhuang. The study on Earnings Management under the Corporate Life Cycle--based on the Debt Covenants theory. Management Review,2016, (12),75-91. (in Chinese)

MA Zhuang, WANG Yun.A Review on Corporate Financial Misconduct: The Definition, Motivation and Influencing Factor. International Conference on Financial Risk and Corporate Finance,2018, Dalian, China.

MA Zhuang, GU Jing, HUANG Feixue. Complex Network Statistics and Dynamic Stability of Shanghai A-share’s Earning Ratio, International Conference on Financial Risk and Corporate Finance,2013, Dalian, China.

MA Zuang, LI Yanxi, WANG Yun. The Study of the Impact of External Governance Environment on the Capital Structure of Energy Firms from 30 Provincial Samples. ICFEEB_2013, Beijing, China

 ZENG Weiqiang, LI Yanxi, MA Zhuang. Research on the Inner Relationship Between Chinese Economic Growth and Energy Consumption——Based on Granger Causality Test of the VECM Model and Grey Relevance Analysis. ICFEEB_2013, Beijing, China

Professional Societies:

 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Professional Recognition/Awards:

Best Paper Award, The 2nd National Youth Forum on Corporate Governance, ShenYang, 2015